Our Story

StockBuddies, our journey began in the winter of 2021. During a time when the world was in lockdown, I found myself unable to secure basic necessities like toilet paper, and even missed out on trying the hyped-up Popeyes chicken sandwich (which, by the way, I wasn't a fan of). It was a lonely experience, but it led me to discover the CDC and the work of Dr. Fauci. To fill my time and acquire practical skills, I ventured into the world of stock trading.

As I delved into this new passion, I consumed over 600 Youtube video tutorials, my timeline became flooded with offers from "Meet Kevin" to buy his discounted course. I learned from the likes of Graham Stephan about the principles of money, embracing Rule #1 to save and live frugally. Soon, Robinhood became my screensaver, and Webull my default alarm. My inbox overflowed with a thousand junk emails. I became consumed by the desire to win.

Then, an idea struck me: why not channel my everyday emotions—Mindset, Happiness, Sadness, Motivation, and even Frustration—into a form of artistic expression to share with the world? And so, StockBuddies was born.

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Our Vision at StockBuddies is to spread Happiness by transforming Mindsets into vibrant works of art. We hold ourselves to the highest standards of quality, craftsmanship, and creativity, ensuring that every design we create is a masterpiece in its own right.

StockBuddies features an array of inspirational and motivational artwork designs encompassing Mindset, Investment, Money, Stock Trading, and Crypto, employing a diverse range of color combinations and original artwork.

In simple terms, StockBuddies is a vibrant canvas of high-quality art that caters to every setting, Mindset, and style.

Our Promise: Provide you with the finest art that keeps you inspired until you achieve your goals.